Friday, August 17, 2007

St.Paul Minneapolis Fallcon

Alright, I just got the confirmation notice today in the mail. Somehow I magically got a booth for fallcon. Come by and give a look see. October 6th and 7th...2007.

the Pilot PT2

The Pilot

The first story of Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday...

Lions, Tigers, and Bears, OH MY!

In the upcoming adventures of Wyatt Earp Doc and Wyatt will find themselves facing many foes. Everything from man eating pies to psychic space sharks, mirror universe dopplegangers to killer snowmen and voodoo priestesses, Evil "Pilgrim" and "Duke" clones to super evolved escaped zoo animals, and if those weren't enough they still have the Pelican, an evil power hungry corporation, tailing them around the universe. Can you imagine fighting a kirby-esque remnant of the last age, sent to clean the universe of all refuse? Or how about a search for ancient ammunition in a dead city. Come back for all the fun. Josh

Blog Business

It seems to me like everyday I'm reading someones blog on something or other. I think now would be as reasonable a time as any to start a blog for myself. I won't be sharing my thoughts or world views here... at least I hope not. What I do hope to share here are the pages of my new comic as I get them done. As of yet I'm not entirely sure how often this blog will get updated or even if anyone will read it but I do plan to share this story with everyone. As for the story here goes...

Wyatt Earp is a knight of the Old West, a man with his own strict code of honor and a clearly defined sense of right and wrong. Now living in a future he understands but will never truly belong to, he travels the universe in his flying saucer—the Paradox—dispensing justice wherever he deems necessary.

Doc Holliday was cloned in 2999 by The Pelican, a mildly evil corporation elected to loose control of the universe. But due to a DNA instability, only Doc’s head survived. To compensate, the scientists who revived him created a giant metal body that his head can attach to, which also doubles as a small spacecraft. Doc Holliday is as true and devoted a friend as any you will ever meet, but he lacks Wyatt’s moral altruism and is regarded throughout the universe as a scoundrel with a good heart. Doc’s primary motivations are sensual delights and having a good time, both of which are severely hampered by his present condition.

Reunited in a distant century, they rekindle their friendship and explore the conventions of science-fiction together as outsiders playing by their own rules, bound by a common love of absurd adventure.