Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cross-Post: Two New Stories Slated for Publication in April 2011

In case you are interested, info on the stories I wrote, where they will be appearing, and when:

Also: haircut travails. Miss it not!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


So it's not done yet...needs a bit of fine-tuning, I suppose (add more blogroll links and do more with them)...but it is live and out there, so I can share it with you. Test drive it, if you like:

Now that I actually have published work coming out, this place needs to exist. Not a replacement for this blog (although I have been neglecting it lately - did I not tell you about The Internet Troubles?), but a supplement. The blog you're reading now will still be Wild West Was Here updates and comics, the new one will professional updates and horror.

Or at least that is the plan...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Earp in progress

Congratulations to Justin on his news. Here is a progress shot of an Earp page. There was a fair amount of debate on whether the pages should be toned with a spacey blue/green or the more western themed tan. Its still a bit up in the air but for the time being we're leaning towards the tan.

Friday, March 11, 2011

You have not heard the last of me

Hey dudes. You still drop by once and a while? Aside from the faithful commenters who let me know VERY INTERESTING POST THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOU BUY IMITATION ROLEX WATCH CHEAP, YES?

I haven't posted anything lately because I have had what is known as The Internet Trouble. So I thought I would get you up to speed with what has been going on.

Liam is very nearly ten months old now, and he's grown his two front teeth on top. There's a decent-sized gap between them, however, and I cannot help but think that he looks like a baby Terry-Thomas (and, therefore, also Mad Jim Jaspers).

I have been getting into Concrete for the first time thanks to my local library. I am several decades too late to inform you of how good this is, but it is really good stuff. It's just so earnest, you know? You'd never get away with it today. I mean, it's high concept, but there's absolutely no "elevator pitch" with it, you know? "So a senator's speechwriter gets his brain transplanted into a super-tough concrete body? So what's he do with it, fight the aliens that did this to him?" "What? No, those aliens are gone, I don't care about the aliens. Mostly he does things he thinks would be interesting, like trying to swim across the ocean or help out a struggling farm family. Oh yeah, and in one issue he writes a letter to his dying mother." CLICK. Dial tonnnnne.

Been catching up on a lot of comics through the library. I'd been mildly curious for some time to read the Jim Kruger/Alex Ross/Doug Braithwaite joint Justice, but I'd never had the opportunity, particularly since DC packaged the 12-issue series in three separate trades of four issues instead of one package like anyone sensible would do. The art was surprisingly hard to follow. I'm not sure that the "realistic" painting approach translates well to superhero action comics, because I spent the whole time going, "Wait, is that a laser beam? What exactly is happening to Clayface here? Man, could we get John Byrne to draw this or something?" The writing does that thing I hate that every superhero writer thinks s/he has to do where it tackles why superheroes are reactive and just uphold the status quo instead of, you know, feeding the hungry, curing the sick, that sort of thing. Except there is no good answer to that, so asking the question just draws attention to something we're supposed to ignore. Even Grant Morrison did it in JLA #4 and it was just as unconvincing there. If I am willing to play along with genre conceits like superpowers and secret identities, I will also play along and accept that Batman causing massive property damage to stop the Riddler from knocking over a bank is the socially responsible thing to do.

Oh yeah, I also sold two more stories this week, so apparently there is something to be said for this "believing in yourself" thing. Let's hear it for Dark Highlands and the newly launched Arcane for thinking that I am worth somebody's time to read. More on this as it develops.

Battery's running down gotta go now laterz