Monday, January 19, 2009

Sideburns #11: "Potent Potables"

I did this week's comic in a bit of a rush, and I think I drew our hands wrong in the first and last panels

All my memories of living in a dorm revolve around consuming irregular things and/or irregular amounts

Unpleasant, but I'm impressed at his ability to make so much money so quickly in this economy

Answer: Nothing good

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Sideburns #10: "ABBA Nagila"

Skarsgard gets kind of the short end of the stick on the likeness, I suppose, but my wife would've been mad at me if I hadn't made Firth the handsomest

How accurate that his name is 'Pierce' Brosnan! Haw haw!

This woman seems to have gained weight since the last panel, but I suppose trying to teach Pierce Brosnan how to sing would do that to you

Actually, I really like Brosnan (my second-favorite Bond); he was just really miscast, and now I feel a little bad for making fun of him

Lo-fi webcomics by Justin Zyduck. Every Monday.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sideburns #9: "Works Every Time"

Oh, look ... a question to replace 'So when are you two finally getting married?'

It's the Leroy-style lettering font that sells this image; I love looking at it at an enlarged point size

Trying my hand at angsty relationship autobio comics?

But if she calls your bluff and gives you the number of a fertility clinic, you're kind of screwed

Lo-fi webcomics by Justin Zyduck. Every Monday (now that we're back on schedule).