Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sideburns #9: "Works Every Time"

Oh, look ... a question to replace 'So when are you two finally getting married?'

It's the Leroy-style lettering font that sells this image; I love looking at it at an enlarged point size

Trying my hand at angsty relationship autobio comics?

But if she calls your bluff and gives you the number of a fertility clinic, you're kind of screwed

Lo-fi webcomics by Justin Zyduck. Every Monday (now that we're back on schedule).


Josh said...

did you really spill your drink?

Justin said...

No; thankfully, this conversation took place on a plane with a parabolic vertical flight path, so we were weightless.

Also, this conversation did not actually really happen.

Megan said...

God i love this strip.