Wednesday, October 24, 2007

oops, the Mirror Universe Affair

So today while I was working on "...said the Pilgrim to the Duke" pages I realized that I had already started the "Mirror Universe Affair" quite a while ago and never came back to it. Because that story is actually not in the first collection I won't be finishing it for a little while yet but I thought I could upload the cover in case anyone was curious or interested. In the meantime.... I'll be wearing my fingers down to the bone working on this John Wayne yarn. See you soon. Toodles.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The quest (or: "The writer says hello")

At the bottom, this post'll say "Posted by Josh," but that is, in fact, a dirty lie. This is actually Justin, the writer of this project, posting for the first time.

The Adventures of Wyatt Earp in 2999 is a project Josh and I -- two old friends in the Xavier-Magneto mould -- are trying to get off the ground. An imaginative adventure comic starring Western heroes in a science-fiction milieu, two wandering souls trapped in a future whose inhabitants based their entire culture and technology on sci-fi television and movies. Fast-paced stories done quickly -- between four and twelve pages -- with maximum compression allowing us to hit the reader with one idea after the other, and multiple stories in every issue. Just like good-ol'-fashioned adventure comics used to be (which is the reason for the groovy "yellowed paper" effect Josh has added to the digital pages) but with a modern polish.

At least, that's the idea. And this blog is the chronicling of our quest to get this book made.

We've been shopping the book around, and there's been some interest, which is insanely encouraging for two guys trying to crack into the business. Self-publishing is an option, but having an established publisher behind us obviously would make everything 800% easier and help put the book into more people's hands.

There is one sticky wicket we've come across in our attempts, however: horizontal format. I'll talk about that in my next post.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Fallcon 2007

What a fun con and what a great spot. First thing when I showed up Saturday morning they escorted me to my table right in front of the front doors... how did I get that spot? Someone up there likes wyatt earp apparently. Lots of sales and even a few sketches later it was sunday night. Wyatt Earp found himself in 2999 and that found itself in print for the first time. I hope everyone that bought the book loved it and everyone else who stopped to read it felt the same.

The will to devour...

SO these pages got a bit rushed but here they are. Plus you can see them in print if you bought the book.