Thursday, March 19, 2009

Busy-ness vs Busi-ness

So I suppose Justin has been carrying the brunt of this blog for quite a while. As is often stated, Wyatt Earp is a side project for us and sometimes its hard to find the time to fit him in. For over a year now I've been illustrating this other book (that pays me in real us dollars unlike wyatt earp), but that is coming to an end. I'm almost done with it and hopefully that will leave me with more time to work on this. Of course on top of that I will still have my day job as an illustrator/art director, and my freelance work to make ends meet, a wife, 2 dogs, 3 cats, and... and.... well television, movies, comics, the internet, summer, stress over our current political and economic status, kites, blinking lights, squirells, ice cream.... and and well all kinds of other stuff to distract me. In the meantime here's this pretty pciture I drew a while back.


(Did I mention more was on the way.... eventually)

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