Monday, July 6, 2009

Superhero Theory/Sideburns #28: “Logan Gump”

Well, my Batman project has taken up all my blogging time these last few weeks, but now that that’s over, we’ll be returning to our regular features. And since it’s been awhile, I figured I’d do a Sideburns comic that doubles as a Superhero Theory post, while also tying in, slightly belatedly, the American Independence Day holiday. (As Stan Lee might say, “Who says this isn’t the Mighty Marvel Age of multi-functionality?”)

I’ve already documented my apprehension about giving Wolverine a set-in-stone origin, but here’s another reason why I don’t likes it: You know how -- since Wolverine is really old and scarcely ages -- writers like to have him show up willy-nilly throughout history, Forrest Gump-style? Like, he fought alongside Captain America in WWII and he was at Hiroshima when the atomic bomb went off and he met Peter Parker’s parents all those years ago and he fought in the Spanish-American War, and so on and so forth. Well, establishing that he was born in the 19th century limits how far back ago you can stick Wolverine into significant bits of history. With how convoluted his backstory is, you might as well go totally overboard and have him fight in the Battle of Hastings, or be there for the signing of the Magna Carta, or sail with Christopher Columbus.


My attempts at drawing historical likenesses, from left to right: Benjamin Franklin, John Adams (whose hair and chops actually recall Wolverine with male-pattern baldness), and Thomas Jefferson
Looks rather more like Baron Blood than Wolverine; there is a reason I think I would be good at writing superhero comics but not drawing them
The second amendment *is* my adamantium claw permit
He cannot tell a lie, but he can cover for a friend well enough

Lo-fi webcomics by Justin Zyduck. Returning to Mondays by popular request (or at least more popular than I would have suspected).

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cease ill said...

Haha! A little erudition with your humor goes a long way! It's fun seeing Logan drawn in the Sideburns style.