Saturday, October 3, 2009

You will not be rid of me that easily

Good afternoon.

I have regained the ability to write to you near-instantaneously over a great distance via the "internetwork." I will type out a few things in this space, and when I hit "Publish Post," my words will be transmitted and available for everyone to see, despite the fact that there are no visible wires or cables connecting my typing-device to any other thing.

Truly, it is a strange and marvelous time to be alive.

I have taken a few minutes away from moving, and organizing in anticipation of more moving, to write this. The big move is going thoroughly all right. The new place is just a half-hour by freeway from the old place, so we are doing it in small chunks, after work and on the weekend. I will spare you the expected blog post reflecting on how many comics I own, and how they are difficult to move, and how it makes me wonder whether it is healthy to devote so much time and money to a hobby that leads me to accumulate so much stuff, and how one might consider it strange to be hoarding and lugging about boxes of thin periodicals originally intended to be disposable. Frankly, I am fine with all of that. My lower back is aching not because I have too many comics, but because I am weak and unused to such prolonged heavy lifting.

There are still more things to be hauled, new pieces of furniture to be purchased (microwave stands: I am not sure such a piece of furniture exists, but my wife seems to think it does), and more important people and agencies to inform of my relocation (VISA Cardmember Service, your call is forthcoming). After all of this is taken care of, there are two things I intend to do.

1.) Get a kitten (grey, tabby).
2.) Resume posting regularly.

That means more MGKontent is in the works, and Why I Should Write Bulleteer is also in the hopper.

Thank you for not leaving forever.

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Josh said...

I know what you mean about moving comics.... jesus I just moved two months ago and lugging comic boxes up and down stairs isn't fun. Plus they're so heavy you can't put them on top of anything other than more comic boxes. Two thumbs up on the kitten chatter and looking forward to resumed posts. Welcome to your new home.