Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Today I Am A Writer

Got my first rejection from a potentially paying publication last night (for fiction what I wrote, that is), which I am celebrating as an important milestone. I was, of course, highly unlikely to strike gold the first time with the first thing I sent to the first publication, so now I got that behind me.

But, uh, I won't be posting every time I get rejected (even though I'm 100% positive it'll never ever happen again because I'm A Special Boy, right??).


Josh said...

If I may ask, what was your submission and who was it too? Also, keep in mind our rejection on tAoWEi2999. I can scan in and email you the letter.

"We feel the writing is too 'high concept.'" That was the only one that critiqued the writing. Mostly everyone else just passed or never replied.

But congratulations on your failure to become a professional writer and success in becoming a seasoned veteran of the publishing brush off. Here's to you! May the next one be in your favor... if the know whats good for them.

Justin said...

It was a short story I submitted to a horror fiction magazine (I won't say which one).

I do have to say that I was always surprised by the "too high concept" thing, because I always felt Wyatt wasn't high concept *enough*. It's not really built around a Millar-esque elevator pitch or anything. "We don't get it" or "We think it's stupid" I'd *understand*, at least...