Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pardon Our Dust...

What are you doing in this ghost town, stranger?

You might remember (oh, but probably not) that last year around this time I took a break from my already-erratic-and-infrequent blogging schedule because of a work-related move.

This has happened again.

Two moves one year apart! Certainly not an enviable state of affairs (once upon a time, I seem to recall, I owned things that did not reside exclusively in cardboard boxes), but this last move I hope (and, actually, I believe) was the right one. I'm typing at you from my new living room in the great city of Madison, Wisconsin (official motto: "Five dollars for a cup, bro"), and it feels strange indeed to no longer tick the "media/journalism" box when filling out surveys asking for my occupational field, instead finding my pen (or mouse pointer) come to rest unexpectedly in the "healthcare" box.

But what does this mean for you, the most discerning reader of all?

It means I am back and I am writing, and if you can still be bothered to type in my blog URL (or however you find yourself here), come back Sunday for the kickoff of a new series of regular posts: "Great Marvel Comics of the Late 1990s (Yes, They Do Exist)".

Tell your mama; tell your pa. Gonna send your preconceived notions about '90s superhero comics back to Arkansas.


plok said...

Bring it on, tough-talker!

Megan said...

I want more Sideburns. With some baby on the side.

Justin said...

Plok: It may not surprise you to hear, but IT HAS ALREADY BEEN BROUGHT.

Megan: I actually tried drawing Liam in my cartoon style the other day, but Alison was all, "You made him look creepy. Do you really think our baby looks like the Bat Boy?" (Answer: Not now, but it's hard to tell when he's not teething yet.) (Although that may actually be happening as we speak, if the increase in drool output is anything to go by.)