Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Earp scraps

Always working away on earp. Building the stockpile of pages. Pencils and ink details.


Richard Bensam said...

This prompted me to look at the Wyatt Earp pages you posted on deviantART, and I have to say they really hooked me. I look forward to reading more whenever it sees publication.

(Frankly, I'd urge you both to just go ahead and put it online as a webcomic, and keep doing it week after week -- in other words, screw waiting for publishers. I know of many good reasons why people wouldn't do that, but still, if you asked me that's what I'd tell you guys to do. So that saves you the trouble of ever asking me!)

Justin said...

Hey, thanks! Good to know there's another friend of Wyatt out there.

Josh and I actually totally agree about the webcomics thing, so it may interest you to know that's exactly what we're doing. (I haven't bothered to update the sidebar text on the main blog page in a while.) Webcomics do rather seem like Where It's At these days, don't they? It's where the cool stuff seems to be happening; I've bought less than a dozen comic books in the past year, but I read webcomics every day. And we now live in a world where somebody like Kate Beaton can make a living off her work!

Of course, I'd be lying if I said a print comic wouldn't have been appealing. At one point we put together a proper pitch and shopped it around. We got, of course, a few sound rejections as you'd expect, but a couple of publishers did say it at least SEEMED kind of neat. But, leaving out the quality of the work entirely, I think they might have been a bit more receptive if we were telling complete stories rather than the supercompressed four-page "episodes" we want to do, and retailers understandably hate the horizontal format as well. But...those features DO turn out to be rather convenient for webcomics!

Josh has actually got art for several stories ready to go. We wanted to stockpile a bunch of them precisely so we COULD stick to a regular schedule. Josh has his day job and freelance stuff and a wife and a life and several animals. Finding time to draw's tricky, and I do have that comic writer's guilt: it's like Warren Ellis said when he was writing The Authority, it's a matter of a few seconds to write "PAGE 10-11. Double-page spread: the fleets engage," but it takes hours and days for Bryan Hitch to actually draw that space battle.

Despite all that, there is more Earpstuff percolating. We're planning a new "first" episode with a different, more upfront approach now that we've bashed together more backstory. After that, it's a matter of finding some hosting and cobbling together a website and navigation interface.

Josh said...

ONE MORE READER! now we need like a few thousand more. But every one counts. Don't forget it.

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