Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Now I have a gimmick Twitter account just like everybody else



Justin said...

Hm. It's less funny on New Twitter than it is on Old Twitter. It doesn't say "Name", "Location", etc.

Justin said...

For extremely small values of "funny," that is.

Richard Bensam said...

Okay, that made me laugh out loud for real.

If I were on Twitter I would totally follow that.

plok said...

Why aren't you on Twitter, o early-adopting one?

I made a second Twitter account for the purposes of weaning a friend of mine off Facebook (it's not that interesting a story) and it was kind of inconvenient actually -- "Twitter," I concluded then, "is not set up to accomodate multiple accounts."

Has that changed with new Twitter, or is it still one email address = one account?

I may well follow this!

plok said...

Also, I owe you an email, Justin!

Justin said...

Yeah, New Twitter is no easier in that respect. I needed to give them a second e-mail address, which I wasn't expecting; I ended up giving it the Yahoo account my brother and I only use to send files back and forth.

I mean, I understand. Twitter WANTS to represent YOU like Facebook does, that's what they're striving for. The thing is, though, Twitter is such a potentially interesting medium for writing (like that super-super-short-story guy Andrew follows, or to a lesser extent the Shit My Dad Says dude). I'm personally not very interested in Twitter as a social networking tool, but I've been thinking of fun/interesting things you could DO with the format.

Not sure how you get people to follow you for something like this, though. A couple of retweets from John Hodgman and I'd be set, but how to attract his attention???

plok said...

I think Twitter misjudges that one a bit, just as I think they misjudge the way following/unfollowing ought to be done. It's just a wee bit un-thought-through, not very much, but a little.