Friday, May 20, 2011

the Wild West Was Here book 1...ish @ Springcon

So its official. I have the first few copies of the book in print. It has three stories, the Bitter Cold, ...Said the Pilgrim to the Duke, and the Mirror Universe Affair. I'll be at Springcon here in the twin cities this weekend so swing by and get one. I'll also have the marvel cuties buttons, a few Yul Brynner t-shirts, and old stuff like post cards and even some of the old wyatt earp books.

Stop by and get a sketch. I hate when people charge for sketches (not commissions... I'm totally okay with $$ for those, but I don't like paying for sketches) So I'll do some sketches for free or donations or whatever. Maybe we'll do a sketch trade. You do a sketch for me and I'll do one for you. Either way, come one down.

Eventually the book will be available elsewhere. Eventually.


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