Monday, November 17, 2008

Updates and the like

Hey, stud, how you livin'? Justin here.

Just wanted to let anyone who's interested in the project know that Josh and I have recently retooled our first "episode" (if you bought our demo book, that'd be the first story in it). What once was 11 pages is now 16; I've scripted five extra pages (a one-page lead-in and a four-page epilogue) to help set it up a bit better and make it more like a pilot episode for a TV show. Think of it as "reshoots."

Josh and I both work full-time jobs and are obliged to spend time in the company of our respective Special Ladies, so it's difficult to invest as much time into the project as we'd like. That's why updates are a little sparse. We hope you've been enjoying Sideburns every Monday. Feel free to leave comments if you are so moved, even if it is to criticize the dodgy artwork.

But there will be content on this blog! Check back Wednesday for the first installment of a series that answers the age-old question: What kind of music do your favorite superheroes enjoy?

Don't miss it.

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Copperheart said...

Don't use me as an excuse for being lazy on your blog.
Justin's Special Lady