Monday, February 23, 2009

Objets d'art: "The Groceryman"

In lieu of Monday's usual Sideburns comic, I thought I would share something special with you.

In doing Sideburns, I have decided to focus my art into a specific format: namely, a black-and-white, four-panel weekly comic. But sometimes, an artist (or, indeed, an artiste) creates something that cannot be bound by convention, something that cries out for its own unique presentation.

These objets d'art (literal translation from the French: "This is not a dart") are anomalies when compared with the rest of the artist's body of work, but because they are formally challenging, they are often more rewarding.

The Groceryman, Justin Zyduck, 7.75 x 11.5, blue dry-erase marker on whiteboardI have here for you an example of such a piece that hangs in my home. Take a minute to really breathe it in.

This is the whiteboard where my wife and I make the shopping list. The "Chopin list" pun is, of course, delicious, but let us draw our attention to the figurework.

He transcends expectations; he contains contradictions. His wisened face (those are supposed to be jowls around his mouth, not a mustache) contrasts with his muscled physique. His long, flowing locks contrast with his male-pattern baldness. His elaborately detailed torso contrasts with the arms I couldn't be bothered to draw properly. His gruff, devil-may-care expression is juxtaposed with the mundanity of reminders to buy milk and the peanut butter with Omega-3 in it. What does he signify??

Frankly, this started out as a drawing of George Washington without reference, and it kind of got away from me. When the guy from the phone company came to fix the line the other week, I flipped it over so he wouldn't think I was some kind of weirdo.


Josh said...

I had a picture of brad pitt without his shirt on as the wallpaper of my 32 inch HD display. When the cable guy came one day I had forgotten to take it down. He gave me on of the weirdest looks I've ever gotten from someone and he barely said a word to me. You have nothing to be ashamed of in sharing your drawing with the world. Trust me.

Daine said...

I believe the record will show that baldness always implies badass

Justin said...

Yeah, but I'm unclear as to whether or not this guy is actually a badass. Sure he's ripped and he has a fearsome look on his face, but his posture and dress is rather like that of a Calvin Klein model. Is he going to kick your ass or order a Disaronno Amaretto at the bar on a yacht docked in Cannes? I don't know!

Josh: One day we will live in a world where you can have shirtless Brad Pitt on your desktop, and I can have a picture of John Glover because I just think he's a terrific actor with a lot of presence, you know?

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