Monday, February 2, 2009

Sideburns #13: "The Gentleman's New Glasses"

You can ask me why I've never drawn myself with glasses before, but I'll just make a hasty, stammering dismissal invoking the art of cartooning and 'economy of line'

There are semi-legible titles on most of those DVD cases; if I'm going to draw backgrounds for a change, I'm going to go all out

This is probably the least wordy strip yet, even if you do count 'FOOM' as a word

The actual skull of a person in my geometric cartooning style would probably actually look different, but I love to draw Day of the Dead-looking skulls like this one


Daine said...

Be honest. That has nothing to do with the glasses and everything to do with your unholy love of Spider-Man.

Justin said...

Nah, the Blockbuster uses Spider-Man 3 to show off the HDTV. Don't like the movie, but it still *looks* pretty in HD.

Now if it had been either of the first two Spider-Man movies, it would have rocked my eyes so hard there wouldn't have even been a skull left at the end.