Friday, November 13, 2009

Earp Art

I know its been a long time since anything Earp related has popped up here... the one place it should be. But like I've said before, Justin's got the stories written, and I fully intend on returning to them. It makes me really happy drawing cowboys and robots and aliens.... and penguins, and clones, and man eating pies, and space ships.... and ... and giant carnivorous planets.... and time traveling norse gods... (I hope I haven't exposed too many upcoming plots but to be honest by the time these stories see ink you'll have totally forgotten anyways.) Long story short I came across a page tucked away in my closet after moving and I pulled it out the other day to start doodling on it. Here's a panel from it.


Justin said...

Man, I so missed seeing new Earpwork. Do you realize there is apparently a terrible biographical comic about Stephenie Meyer in the world, and yet nobody would give us even a little bit of money to do Wyatt2999?

'Lil Ric said...

I'd read the hell out of this book. Mustaches.

Josh said...

fuck yeah. I wish we'd have gotten money to do this book. "its too high concept." Are you fucking kidding me?! Its a cowboy and his cowboy robot buddy flying through the galaxy shootin' shit with laser. That should be our new pitch.

And as for mustaches... well, don't forget gentleman wear it classy. Which could also be a part of our tag line.

"Classy gentleman with mustaches shooting lasers." You'd have to be nuts to not pick that up.