Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Here Comes The Son?

I promised I'd let you know, so here goes: Thanks to SCIENCE!*, I have been informed that I can expect a baby boy 'round the first of June or so.

Of course, I would have been equally happy either way, but this result does mean there is a higher probability that the baby will want to play with my old He-Man and Transformers figures (as soon as they're no longer a choking hazard, that is). Mom and Dad, I thank you for holding on to those in your guys' basement for so long, and I am going to pretend like this was the plan all along.

Both mother and baby seem to be healthy, so all is well. And now that we know the gender, we can get to really deciding on a name** and slowly start to accumulate some gear. I am telling you dudes, I have just come from an exploratory mission to Babies R Us, and why is it that all the boys' clothing has sports on it? I mean, we were planning on going fairly gender neutral anyway, but would it kill you to manufacture a green shirt that doesn't say "SOCCER" on it?

Anyway, more on this story as it develops.

* - We got the traditional ultrasound as well as that new "4-D" ultrasound. I'm not sure what the fourth dimension is meant to be, but it makes the baby look as though it is made out of butterscotch pudding ... look it up.

** - Aside to Josh: Alison is less than receptive to "Roll Fizzlebeef" as a name. Aside to Daine: Ditto "The Baron."


Josh said...

how about we compromise. Here are a list of acceptable boy names:

Muscles McHugepunch
Pistol Bazooka
Buff Tornthorn
Steak Hammerfist
Smash Bloodkill
Marty McFly

plok said...