Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Project Announcement

I have a new project currently in development.

It's due to drop around May 30.

It's a collaboration between me and my wife.


Yes, it is a human child, and I will be its father.

We did the first ultrasound today and I was quite chuffed to see the result and figured I'd share the official news. I'll abstain from posting it here, as a.) I don't know how I'd feel about that, and b.) I haven't been able to find the cable to my scanner since the move anyway (which incidentally complicated my John Hodgman/Sandman Mystery Theatre post on MGK. Have you ever tried searching for a picture of Wes Dodds online? There is apparently only one).

I will keep you posted on how it goes, but hopefully not annoyingly so. Just bear with me, and I'll let you know after Christmas whether it'll be a boy or a girl.



Josh said...

CONGRATULATIONS! now that you announced it I can finally upload my next post!

plok said...

Holy crap, congratulations!