Saturday, February 13, 2010

Point and Counterpoint for Today

Inspired by my current rereading of New X-Men.

POINT: The way that I feel about the last few years of Avengers comics under Brian Michael Bendis must be people who are not me felt when Grant Morrison was given the keys to the X-Men franchise.

COUNTERPOINT: No, this is totally different.


plok said...

For me, it's like what X-Force fans felt when Milligan and Allred took over.

They weren't too happy. I remember an exchange in the letter column over a couple of issues...

FAN #1: "This book sucks now, I've been a loyal fan and this is how you repay me, what about my characters blah blah blah!"

FAN #2: "Dear Fan #1, HAHAHAHAHA fuck you, I put up with this awful, awful, shitty book for years and years, you had your stupid innings, screw your characters, I'm glad the shoe being on the other foot pisses you off, can't handle an intelligent story, whining about where your shoulderpads and gun-belts have gone, fuck you fuck you fuck you..."

Justin said...

Ha! I remember those days well... Though, you know, I ate up that Milligan/Allred stuff, and I never even had any residual New Mutants love for the old X-Force, but I did think using the "X-Force" name for no reason was a bit of dirty pool, even at the time; never really understood the rationale for that.

The Quesada-Jemas team got away with that one, but by the time they repurposed Thunderbolts into some kind of underground fighting thing, everyone's goodwill was kind of used up.