Sunday, February 7, 2010

Why I Should Write SEVEN SOLDIERS: Conclusion

One last lap around the track real quick:

SHINING KNIGHT: I could probably do about fifty issues of this. The soap opera stuff is pretty well set up, I’d just let it loose to get twisted up on itself until they kicked me off the book. Actually, take out that one kid’s connection to Adam Strange and Shakespeare Kid’s LoSH membership, and subtract Billy Beezer, and that whole thing with the TODAY special class program is all me, so I guess I could conceivably use some of that stuff, who can say; that’s the stuff I was really keen on in the proposal anyway.

KLARION THE WITCH-BOY AND FRANKENSTEIN: A good setup for a series, I thought, but one I like better in theory than in practice, I think. I’d probably run out of steam on it; I’d give it twelve issues maybe before I’m no good to you.

THE BRIDE: I would write comics with the Bride in them for the rest of my life for free. Maybe in exchange for groceries and some money to go out to bars on, but this is negotiable. I wasn’t expecting that this would turn out to be my favorite one until I actually sat down to do it, and I discovered the possibilities. Seriously, this isn’t even about me or "I should write...", DC is sitting on pop comics gold, and they have no clue. I have, actually, thought about ways to file off the serial numbers, but I’m uncertain whether or not a comic called Nosferata is too stupid or just right. I would draw it myself if I were marginally competent to do spy-fi.

MISTER MIRACLE: I really really like the idea of MM escaping from a Schrodinger’s Cat experiment and there’s one live MM and one dead MM, and he throws his own funeral. I am stealing that and using it someplace else, hopefully. The rest, as I said at the time, is just sort of okay. You don’t want me on this one, I don’t think.

BULLETEER: Not my favorite, but not my least favorite either.

ZATANNA: Came out better than I expected. The best thing about it, the thing I actually will pat myself on the back for being clever, is the idea of her narration being misdirection, being part of “the act”. Not that I’m 100% clear on how I would actually get that across in practice, but ah well, it’s not like anyone’s asked me to do scripts of these (Plok: for the love of God man, please don’t ask me to do scripts for these).

MANHATTAN GUARDIAN: I like this one a hell of a lot, a close #2 behind the Bride, and I would very much like to file the numbers off this one as well. (Josh, I know we’re committed to Wyatt and all, but I’ve always really loved the way you draw city buildings, I don’t know if I’ve ever told you that…) Three-Card Monty was actually a character I’d had for a while and didn’t know what to do with him; my original idea was to pair this guy with a totally unpretentious view of magic with a sort of stick-in-the-mud prissy apprentice, but it didn’t really work. But Top Cop & Three-Card Monty set in the New York I only imagine in my head might be workable if I ever got around to that.

I think I’m about done here. The whole thing was about 9,000 largely unusuable words, but a very stimulating mental exercise. Thanks, Pillock, for laying down the challenge. Now, onto other things. A Doll's House coming soon.


plok said...

Wow, and most of my suggestions are usually such crap! But there's something great in every one of these, that I would never in a million years have thought of -- so don't downplay the success I'm claiming as my own, please! Shining Knight's ready to be a book tomorrow if DC had any sense -- it's got terrific commercial potential -- I think once you started writing Klarion you'd find you had a lot more stories in you than you think, Mister Miracle and Bulleteer and Zatanna are all beautifully set up for four-colour character work -- excellent job!

I mean that alone justifies my slightly-drunk suggestion!

So I won't ask you to do any scripts, except Nosferata...which in all honesty is a name I could get used to..."don't talk to me about my fucking "husband", he's basically an immortal deadbeat, I got sick of just lying around the castle all day looking sexy, I was a stereotypical bored housewife two hundred years before "Mother's Little Helper" came out"...and possibly the Statue of Liberty "Top Cop" one. Actually you can just go ahead and write three issues of that, call them Top Cop #48, 49, and 50 -- the "Statue of Liberty Trilogy"...

...But that's up to you, I guess, whereas the Bride stuff is so goddamn ready to have the numbers filed off it that I don't see how you can not do it. You should do it right away, and email me the scripts so I can have fun reading them. As I think I said, you wouldn't even have to make those comics, just fifteen short stories with ongoing subplots embedded and you'd have a nice little book on your hands. DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT NOW!!!! Why not do it now? Alternatively you could do it NOW.

For heaven's sake, why wouldn't you?

Hooray, I feel like I've helped to create a net positive result in the universe with all may mention me towards the end of the Acknowledgements,


Justin said...

Yeah, that's the ticket exactly with Nosferata (which would probably be the name of the comic but not the character, she'd be "the Countess," maybe, I don't know...) It's got some of that same vibe to it (fabulous/monstrous/dissatisfied wife), but it goes in a different direction, has a different resonance (not a bad thing if I'm trying to make this different now).

So yeah, I'll have to do ... something with it. Not sure exactly what or when ... but you've boosted my ego up too much now to turn back, certainly.

plok said...

Sorry, that was me...forgot to sign in.

plok said...


Josh said...

These anonymous readers sure are passionate about slashing prices.

Justin said...

Oh, I see, you butter me up with praise just so I'll buy your discount Viagra and Cialis. Well, I can't say it didn't work. Put me down for a half-dozen.

(But seriously, I'm looking into why spam seems to be suddenly an issue. The thing of it is, if there were going to be "buy Viagra" ads on this blog, I'd at least want to be the one making money off them.)

Bill Reed said...

It's two in the ey-em, I have just spent the past however-long reading your entire Seven Soldiers series, and...

Shit, man. Let's make babies.

Justin said...

As long as you get custody. I've already *got* a baby on the way, and I am not changing two sets of diapers.

(Or: Very happy to hear you enjoyed the posts!)