Monday, March 29, 2010

Terror! Chills! The Current Price of Gasoline!

Justin Pollock, that dude who is totally me, has a new story up on MicroHorror:

This is, in fact, the very sort of thing I worry about all the time.


Josh said...

fuck yeah. I loved that story. I imagine the gas station looking a lot like the one in No Country. Not many non affiliated gas stations left. Until you get out in the middle of nowhere. Very well written.

plok said...

Very "you" story, but I was extremely surprised that in the end the smart brother didn't kill the dumb brother.

Really. I was surprised. I was waiting for that.

No? I'm a nut?

I'm going to suggest you rewrite it so that happens. Tension: paid off. Apologies for sticking my nose in.

Justin said...

Josh: Thank you sir. I actually pictured the gas station as something closer to home. We passed a bunch of places this story could have taken place on our way to see you in Minn. last weekend. I regret, however, having a character say "Y'ought to," when what we say in Wisconsin is *clearly* "Y'oughtta" (in real life, I must confess, I drop g's at the end of words and the like with all the gusto of a Sarah Palin or, perhaps, a Midwestern Ben Grimm).

Plok: It had never occurred to me. Actually, I'm not entirely seeing what would motivate that. Give me a hand here, I'm probably a bit thick from not being on the outside of this.

Although the multiple interpretations thing is something I'm liking about this MicroHorror business, or at least the way I'm apparently trying to go about this. It's short enough that you can just bang out a couple hundred words and try to figure out what it means afterwards.