Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fallcon 2008

Alright, if you read the last post then you know I mentioned the fallcon. Its just a small con here in the twin cities where I try to sell some books and do some sketches and stuff. Its cool because all the local artists and people who went to MCAD that I only get to see every once in a while show up. They might as well call it the MCADcon.
Needless to say its a great time. The guys that run it do an amazing job. Tables are free and they give you free food and drinks all day and have activities for the creators and everything. Its pretty rad. Needless to say I had a great time. Met some cool people, saw some great art, got yelled at by crazy comic fans for ruining comics (long story.) I even did some sketches and sold some books. I did my first ever sketch on a baseball. It turned out alright but it was weird drawing on a round surface. And I'm not sure that subject matter matched the surface. You'll have to see the photo. I also met the real Spiderman! Not some lame ass Toby Maguire webhead impersonator. But the real deal.

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