Friday, October 31, 2008

Putting a Dent in your Halloween

Because a couple people I know have been waiting to see these, I figured the children of Internetland might like to have a look as well.

I decided to go as Two-Face for Halloween this year. I know, I know, it seems a bit gauche considering the Dark Knight just came out, but I decided to go as the green-faced comic book version, based on the way he looked in the first Batman comic I ever owned, rather than the modern red-faced version or the burned skullface of the film.

The suit is just an ordinary suit I got from Goodwill. I taped off half of it and dumped and dabbed acryllic paint on it. Simple enough.

Now, if you are the type of geek I am, you have noticed the problem with this costume... the "face" is on the wrong side. I used a "burn victim" facial prosthetic I got from the Halloween shop as a base and painted over it. When I got home I realized it was for the right side instead of the proper left (sinister) side. But the prosthetic was so rad, I decided to go with it anyway.

So there are two ways to resolve this "continuity error":

1.) This is not a Two-Face costume, it's an Anti-Face costume, who I guess is like a Reverse- or Bizarro-Two-Face. DC Comics: contact me and we'll talk about this lucrative idea.

2.) The magic of photo editing:

All better! (Except doors don't work like that.)

And for a closer look at the face, and you can kind of see the prosthetic:

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I never have cause to dress like a Batman villain on Christmas.

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