Tuesday, October 14, 2008

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Hello, internet. This is Justin. It's been a while since we've talked.

So one of my wife's friends made this flyer for a graphic design course she's taking, and she digs the book, so I guess that means we've got the makings of a street team. To that end, I've relisted the promotional book Josh had printed out last year (I like to think of it as "the demo") on Etsy, which is a place you can buy all sorts of rad stuff, and it's where my wife sells her jewelry.

You can buy it with your hard-earned PayPal dollars at gigaduck.etsy.com if you are so inclined. The paper stock is majestic.

There's also a CD for sale by the band my brother and I are in, Morrison Bass, and links to our Myspace page where you can actually hear some songs. If you are into that sort of thing.

Now that I have shilled, here's my current Wyatt-related project: Working on an expanded version of "Reunion on a Strange World", our "pilot" story, with the intention of setting up the series a little better (which was one of the notes we got on our book from a few editor-types).

Thrill as you learn...
-Who's the dude in possession of Doc's head? (His name is Ian. He works for the Pelican Corporation.)
-What's the deal with that Steven guy? (He's a clonedroid.)
-How did Wyatt find Doc, anyway? (It'll be a nifty sequence, just you wait)
...and more!

Hopefully, this version will have you scratching your head less, unless scratching your head is what you do when you think something is really cool and well-explained.


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