Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Its been a while right...

So yeah, its been a while. I know I know. Justin and I have day jobs. He's all Robbie Robertson at a newspaper and I well, I illustrate books and do storyboards and stuff. Plus we got married... not to each other. But we both married our ladies and only a week apart if you'd believe that. But we're back to working on Wyatt Earp. I was at a con recently and kept hearing "I keep checking your site and nothing changes." Well we're going to try to change that. We'll put new pages and doodles and stuff up here and once we finish a whole story we'll upload it to webcomic nation and drunk duck.. etc. We're trying to get it picked up though and we have stacks of scripts and all kinds of drawings and covers and interiors and eventually we'll put it out in a big book. I was surprised to see people even remembered the book since its been over a year since we published our first little mini comic or uploaded it on the interweb. So it'll be a slow process unfortunately but there is more to come. I promise.

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