Monday, October 20, 2008

The Process

Posting updates from a writing standpoint is more difficult than posting updates related to art.

I mean, when Josh finishes a page, he can scan it in and post it here, and you get an immediate look at how our project is progressing. But writing is a much less… tangible process, usually. Comics are a visual medium, and posting bits of script isn’t very exciting or informative.

But then I thought I might be able to make a writerly update more interesting by describing the process of writing a Wyatt Earp adventure, using scanned documents from my personal files to illustrate each step.


I’m feeling very Halloweeny with my favorite of holidays just around the corner, so I decided my new script would involve a classic monster in some capacity. But which one?

I find listing the possibilities makes it easier to assess each one’s merits.

I already have a three-book deal with Del Rey books to write The Frankula/Drackenstein Chronicles

There is a clear winner.


I own the two-disc Monster Squad 20th anniversary DVD

It’s just a list of facts, but it gets the old creative juices flowing, because I look at the second item and think:

Shiny possibilities


An idea is beginning to blossom, so I investigate its feasibility.

They were most unhelpful at the library

It turns out the AJfWS is not a real publication — and no wonder, with a horrible acronym like that. But by this point, I’m too excited about the idea not to begin writing.


This is the stage most people have questions about, on a technical level. Hollywood screenplays have to stick pretty closely to a standardized format, but there isn’t any universal format for writing comic scripts that I’m aware of.

And so, I use the method preferred by the master:

Nothing makes huge blocks of text more unreadable then rendering them in an all-caps serifed font

I guess Grant Morrison scripts are kind of like this, too

The work begins well, but around page 43 of my script for a four-page comic, doubt begins to creep in. Are my images coherent? Does my dialogue ring true? Am I asking too much of my artistic collaborator when I request a 64-panel page detailing a carefully coreographed fight between our heroes and a pack of space werewolves in Gundam suits that also transform into wolves? Oh God, what am I doing?


Spaeking of wereweolves dogg I heard that Kid rock songg where they sample "werewolves of london and it sucks so hard it almost made me crash my car (i was hella listening to the radio in the car) into a gazeebo. (I have invented a New Kind of Salad Dressing also.)


These are not our real e-mail addresses, but is a real website

And that's how it's done!

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